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News from Lisa

February 26, 2008 –

Welcome to the wise and sometimes amusing ramblings of me,
Kohl, a 9 year old German Shepherd, owned and loved by Lisa Antonucci.

I am not big on introductions, but should probably take a minute
to dwell on my humble beginnings in case it everz becomes pertinent to my story.

I was born in Ct.  I can’t quite remember where and because my life was
not as storybook as most way back then.  I tend to think of my start in
terms of after I was adopted by my 3rd “mother” at the tender age of 6
weeks.  Somehow between leaving my nest and finding her, I managed
to wear out my welcome, not once, but twice. 

My mom changed my name to protect the innocents.  She spent lots of
time and energy challenging me in those early years. Her patience
helped me to grow to trust everyone I meet, whether man or beast. 
I try to repay her by helping her in her classes.  I don’t profess to be
an obedience champ, but I can hold a heck of a stay.

I live with 3 other German Shepherd Dogs, two kittens, and a Blue
and Gold Macaw. I am the second oldest.  The bird is older than
everyone, a fact that he loves to share with everyone. Then there’s me,
followed by Rose, Ayla and Kwin.  Scully and Stitch are the babies.
They aren’t even 1 year old yet.  They came to us after the mice. 
Now the mice are all gone. 

I have tried many sports, but my favorite is Agility. I flunked out of
Schutzhund, a German sport that encompasses many skills, including
protection.  I just didn’t see the need to bite a man who, ten minutes
before, was nice to me.  I just couldn’t get it. 

So, we moved to Agility.  I love Agility.  I love running and barking
and jumping and climbing and oh, just about everything that it involves.  
I love traveling to show sites, camping, staying up late and anticipating the day.

But most of all, I love working with my partner, my friend. I don’t know
if I can express just what a thrill a dog sport brings to a relationship,
but give me a chance and I’ll certainly give it a good try.