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Kohl's Korner Blog
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February 23, 2009

Well, he did it!

Kwin entered his first Rally Match yesterday and Mom is so pleased with him. I could tell that she was excited and a bit nervous when they left. Kwin tends to have a mind of his own at times, so she really didn’t know what to expect. Since they had to travel to get to the match, she had lots of time to stress. It helped that his friend, T.J. a fabulous Border Collie, went along. T.J. tends to calm Kwin down and let him know when he’s being naughty.

Kwin went first and was able to walk through the crowd of dogs with confidence. He used to react very loudly and have a hard time getting to the ring. It has really helped that he’s been able to work with mom this winter. (Yes, he’s cutting into my training time, but I really don’t mind.)

Kwin started his sequence slowly, but correctly, and although you could tell he was a bit nervous, he looked towards Mom for courage. She was really throwing good thoughts and gentle encouraging words at him, which helped. He managed to do most things right, but pulled on his leash a bit too much at times, which cost them points.

Just as they approached the last station in the course, he looked over to the right and saw a few folks looking over a barrier. From his perspective, they must have looked like a bunch of heads floating on the wall. He couldn’t break his gaze and for a split second, Mom worried. But, as the judge encouraged them, Mom called for a “do-over”, and started the station again. This time Kwin was able to focus and completed his task. YEAH! He ended up with a qualifying score and even took a 4th place ribbon! You go, Kwin!

T.J. went next and raced through the course with exacting speed and accuracy. He was a lot more focused than Kwin and ended up qualifying with a 3rd place ribbon. Go T.J.!

Kwin is exhausted today. I can’t tell if he really understands how good he did.

October 20, 2008
It’s getting cold out. The cool, crisp air is just perfect for my thick black
coat. I love running and playing in the leaves.  This is perfect dog weather!
I went swimming this week and wasn’t even cold. I swam the length of
the Thompson Dam as my mom walked along with me. It is good to stretch
these old legs occasionally and the subsequent bath even felt good.
It’s going to be a good winter, I think.  We are moving inside for training,
(bummer), but I get to work on my skills for the spring trial season and
that’s always fun. Mom tends to take out all of the goodies as she teaches
me new stuff, and it is fun to learn and challenge my brain. Since there is
less gardening and yard work, I know she’ll have more time for me!
And after all, I’m only 10 years old. I still have so much I want to learn.
I’m in my prime!

September 1, Labor Day
Got back from our USDAA trial this week.  I just have to brag.  I am so
proud of me.  Usually I can’t get my feet and brain to work together for
the first class of the day, but now that I’m feeling much better, I was able to
concentrate on playing the game, rather than my back.  I managed to qualify
and yes, get Mom more pretty ribbons.  
I don’t know what happened on my standard run.  I just couldn’t contain
myself and made an OOPS on the table exercise.  Mom wasn’t thrilled
but I did already give her a ribbon after all.
Then we did Snooker!  Kwin had just come out of his Jumpers run and Mom
wasn’t paying attention to the announcements.  By the time she realized that
they had called our class, it was almost our turn!  She never got a chance to
even see the course or anything. When we went to the starting line, she
turned to me and said, “O.K. Kohl, it’s up to you.  Help me out buddy.”  
We did the most amazing run ever!  She let me take lots of jumps, which
I like, and I watched her very closely and did everything exactly as she said.
 Just as we finished our run, Mom turned to me and said, “We’re outta here,
Kohl.  Let’s go get our ribbon!”   
It was the blue one.
It’s all about teamwork.


June 18, 2008

So I haven’t written in a while. Did a couple of trials and came back with some more pretty ribbons. I think Mom enjoys them so. I just love to run. I did promise to take it slow this year, though, to let my back heal. The doctor says that I am looking better all the time. I’m hoping that after a few more chiropractic adjustments and plenty of swimming, I’ll be back to a full trial schedule next summer. Mom is working with Kwin while I take it easy.

Kwin. He’s something else.

He’s already figured out how to do all of the novice obedience exercises and is working on more. If he manages to stay focused all the way through, he is really quite good. The trouble is that he is just so aware of things. He notices everything and is not inhibited when expressing his opinion.

I think that he’s found his calling with competitive obedience. He just started trying Rally Obedience as well. He still does Agility, but he loves obedience. I think that it’s important to do what you love. Why do so many people try to change their dogs into something they want? I really appreciate that we are allowed to do what make us happy.

The kittens are now cats. They are going to be spayed soon. Mom waits till we are mature before fixing us cause she believes it is important. They are amazing and have learned that for all his blustering, Kwin is really a softie. They are quite small and it’s really funny to watch Kwin trip himself when he tries to play with them and they don’t budge but do give him the obligatory “
go away” meow.

I can’t wait to see what he does when the chickens come.