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Welcome to Training
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Call us first if you need help at home.
We can help empower you to handle
simple annoying habits to more destructive
behaviors in the comfort of your
own home. Call or email our trainer
for more information and prices.    

Call for details! 860-974-0256.

Obedience - Power Puppy Kindergarten

This class is your puppy’s ticket to good manners. What makes it different from conventional puppy classes is that obedience is incorporated into play and your puppy starts off with good habits! Our instructor emphasizes techniques that build a lasting, trusting relationship. Some topics covered are paying attention, jumping, chewing, leash-pulling, sit, down, stays, come and. Students are encouraged to work with their puppies through take home exercises and games.


Obedience for the Family Dog

This class was designed with the family dog in mind. Using positive reinforcement and operant conditioning, your dog will learn how to be on his or her best behavior. The topics covered are leash-pulling, sit, down, stays, come and paying attention. Students are encouraged to bring questions to class in order to work on any problem behaviors at home.

Obedience II

This class was developed for the dog owner who wants to achieve a higher level of obedience with their special friend. Some handlers may be looking for an obedience title, while others may wish to build a lasting working relationship with their dog. A majority of this class time will be spent on heeling, long sits and downs, and recalls both on and off leash.


Refresher Obedience

This class is geared towards the dog who has already taken a beginner obedience course, but isn’t quite ready for Obedience II. The class will concentrate on fundamentals, including sit/stay, down/stay, heel at attention, right and left finishes, and stand/stay. There will be minimal off leash work depending on the ability of each individual dog. Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten or Obedience for the Family Dog, or equivalent.


Agility - Introduction to Agility

This course focuses on learning most
of the agility equipment and basic handling.
This is a great class for all dogs to play and
develop a working relationship with their owners.

- A basic obedience foundation - if you are not sure, just ask!
- Puppies must be at least 6 months of age.
- Your dog should be at least tolerant of other dogs.

If you are not sure – ask to have your dog evaluated.


Agility - Advanced Beginner

This course builds on the introductory course.
More complex obstacles and handling skills are introduced.

Prerequisites:- Introduction to Agility or equivalent.

Agility - Intermediate

The handler will begin to learn how to determine the best path in order to navigate the agility course effectively. This class focuses on handling skills and is on full size equipment.

Prerequisites:- Advanced Beginner Agility or equivalent.


Harlan Ridge offers Run-Thrus
every Wednesday
from 7:30pm – 9pm.

Call ahead if inclement
weather is expected.

Agility - Advanced

This course prepares the dog and handler team for competition. Dogs must be able to perform all obstacles. This class focuses on advanced handling techniques, obstacle discrimination, and traps. Also covered: distance control, tight turns, serpentines and threadles.

Rally Obedience

AKC Rally is a companion sport to AKC Obedience. Rally introduces AKC Companion Events to the new dog owner and can provide a challenging opportunity for competitors in other events to strengthen their skills. AKC Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a course that has been designed by the rally judge. The judge tells the handler to begin and the dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a course of designated stations.

Mind your Manners

This course is for the dog whose manners are less than desirable.  It is designed to help teach the dog to greet guests properly at the door, refrain from jumping, barking incessantly, pulling against the leash and other destructive behaviors.  With proper guidance, your family companion can be a pleasure to live with and one that you always want around.

Relationship Based Focus Class for Pet and Sport Dogs

If you think it would be easier to work with your dog if you could capture and keep his/her attention, you are right! Dogs who are easily bored or distracted can be difficult to work with. Sometimes it’s not about teaching a cue but engaging the dog. This class is an in-depth looks at the dog/handler relationship and teaches owners how to recognize what their dog needs them to be in order to become a working partner. Dogs need not have formal obedience training but should be under leash control to take this course.